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Friday, 18 January 2013

Airtel Free 3G Trick 2013 for mobiles

Airtel Free GPRS Trick : Resume Supported Proxy for Airtel-Fastest

Resume Supported Proxy for Airtel-Fastest

I Hope that This Amazing new proxy trick will help you to Browse and Download with Resume Support
Why Airtel Resume Supported Proxy ?Most of you Might knowing the TURBOHIDE proxy only.t The Fastest and Full Bandwitch Supported Proxy. but Toda i am going to show you a Proxy which has more speed than TurboHide and is resume supported so you don’t need to worry when pausing your Downloads.

How to Configure this ProxyFor Using in Mobile

 Create a new Settings in your Mobile

Access point: -
Proxy: - OR
Port: - 80
Home Page: -

How to Use this Proxy in VPN ?yeah. you can enjoy Unlimited Internet With VPN using this Awesome Airtel Resume Supported Proxy. I am developing a New VPN with this proxy. but it will take a Day or two, if you can’t wait. you can configure this proxy in a VPN with below given Steps.
Configure Proxy in VPN
Port- Use any open port i your Area
Username- vpn

Password - 09fusjiB


This VPN is very fast in WIndows. you can make a new Config using this Settings and Enjoy Superfast Airtel Internet

NOTE:- It is not WOrking in M.P


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